Phone 256 627-1942
Most often question that
we get from most
everyone-Where are we
We are located at:
Angela Beaver
2601 Wagnon Mnt.
Tuscumbia, AL
You can enter that
address in your
navigator or gps
and see how far we
are from you.

We are about one
hour and 15
minutes from
Huntsville, AL.

About two hours
from Birmingham,

About two hours
from Tuscaloosa, AL

About four hours
from Montgomery,

About eight hours
from Mobile, AL.

About two hours
from Nashville, TN
and Memphis, TN.

About four and a
half hours from
Atlanta, GA.

We do have many
people that actually
come from Florida
and Georgia and
even New Orleans.
They consider it
worth the drive.

We have flown
several to New
Jersey, New York,
and California.
We breed labrador retriever puppies for adoption
We are reputable breeders of labrador retrievers. We breed to improve the breed. We have saw
over the years so many dogs with so many health issues. Many of those health issues are
because of poor breeding habits. Mostly due to puppy mills breeding and producing so many
poorly bred dogs. That is not to say that every illness that a dog has is related to poor breeding
habits. Many illnesses are just an isolated incident that just happens. However there are many
illnesses that can be prevented by not breeding a dog that has genetic defects. We have our
dogs tested to help rule out many genetic illnesses that can carry on to their offspring. Such a
terrible ordeal to have to go through to raise and love your pet and to later see it suffer from an
illness that could have been prevented from poor breeding habits.

Wagnon Mountain Kennels in Northwest Alabama
We are family owned, and family operated.
As a family working together, we breed and place puppies up for adoption to families that would love
to own a well bred labrador retriever. We consider ourselves to be hobby breeders that breed on a
knowledgeable and professional level-even though our mother is not a part of this business, she
does keep us in line and puts her two cents worth in if she sees something she don't like. She has
taught us everything we know since she herself used to be a breeder.  We are now adults almost
touching forty with children of our own. Over the years, while growing up and having raised some
poorly bred dogs that suffered from illnesses that came from other peoples breedings that should
have never taken place. Our mother was a sucker for a stray or a drop off, or any homeless animal.
So in honor of the pets we have owned, and lost due to poor breedings we have decided to dedicate
our time and devotion to breed well bred healthy puppies. We do not sell puppies, we adopt puppies
out to homes for a adoption fee. Our reasoning for adoption is hopefully your puppy will become a
adopted family member and not just considered a dog you bought and brought home.

We do not do this for a living, we do this as a hobby and for the love of the labrador retriever. All the
money from adoption fees is rolled back over into kennels, dog food, vet bills, fencing, housing,
water, and electric bills. Our water bill alone runs about $184.00 per month. We use a lot of water for
cleaning, and spraying down the kennels. Thousands of dollars has been spent into their concrete
foundation and housing. Our kennels are tied in to a septic system for waste water treatment and
disposal.  We are not a puppy mill operation. We could breed more, but that requires a lot of work
and expensive. All of our dogs love there living quarters. They have 122 acre's to run on, three
ponds to play in all under supervision. When not supervised they are in their fenced in area's with
plenty of space. Fenced in area's are for safety reasons only, same as a fenced in yard to keep your
pet from roaming and getting stolen, seriously hurt or worse- hit by a car.
Charlies puppies will be ready to go home about Saturday April 12, 2014.

They will be ready to start being picked up to go to their new homes starting at
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Saturday, April 12, 2014. No pickups before 1:00. Please
do not come before 1:00 pm as you will have to wait until the person that has
first, second third, etc. pick before you. If you are not able to come that day to
pick out your puppy and you have first pick then you will have to pick your
puppy from the photo's since we can not ask others to wait until you are able to
come pick up your puppy
We work from 7:00 am until 12:00 noon. Then we start getting everything ready
to meet with our clients at 1:00 pm for the puppy owners to pick up their
puppies. Please do not ask us to change our schedule as it does throw things
off and causes a delay in others picking up to allow you to come early.
We have a new litter born on March 02, 2014. Two black females, two chocolate males, and
one yellow male.

We only have one black female still available. Puppies are $495.00 each. They come with
their AKC registration papers, first set of puppy vaccinations and exam. Puppies are micro
Ace is the sire to this litter. You can see him on the our boys page.

We have one black female, still available.
Current puppies born on March 02, 2014
two days old in these two pictures
Four weeks old today. They are coming along very well.
This was their first taste of dry puppy food, and momma
dog was not happy at all. The puppies loved it. I finally had
to take mom out of the kennel so the pups could nibble on
it. They was loving it. We usually start feeding pups mush
at about three and a half weeks old and then about four
weeks old we let them nibble on a little dry while we
Nibbling on dry puppy food
for the first time