Phone 256 627-1942
Most often question that
we get from most
everyone-Where are we
We are located at:
Angela Beaver
2601 Wagnon Mnt.
Tuscumbia, AL
You can enter that
address in your
navigator or gps
and see how far we
are from you.

We are about one
hour and 15
minutes from
Huntsville, AL.

About two hours
from Birmingham,

About two hours
from Tuscaloosa, AL

About four hours
from Montgomery,

About eight hours
from Mobile, AL.

About two hours
from Nashville, TN
and Memphis, TN.

About four and a
half hours from
Atlanta, GA.

We do have many
people that actually
come from Florida
and Georgia and
even New Orleans.
They consider it
worth the drive.

We have flown
several to New
Jersey, New York,
and California.
We breed labrador retriever puppies for adoption
We are reputable breeders of labrador retrievers. We have been breeding for 20
We breed to improve the breed. We have saw over the years so many dogs
with so many health issues. Many of those health issues are because of poor
breeding habits. Mostly due to puppy mills breeding and producing so many
unhealthy parents.

Wagnon Mountain Kennels in Northwest Alabama
We are family owned, and family operated.
As a family working together, we breed and place puppies up for adoption to families that would love
to own a well bred labrador retriever. We consider ourselves to be honest breeders that breed on a
knowledgeable and professional level.
So in honor of the pets we have owned, and lost due to poor breedings we have decided to dedicate
our time and devotion to breed well bred healthy puppies. We do not sell puppies, we adopt puppies
out to homes for a adoption fee. Our reasoning for adoption is hopefully your puppy will become a
adopted family member and not just considered a dog you bought and brought home.
Please remember when you come to pick up your puppy to bring a leash and collar. Also a
bowl and bottle of water. Puppy may need a potty break and may need a drink of water.
Especially if you are coming from Florida or Georgia.
All of our labs are American, and are hunting bloodlines off of some of
the best bloodlines there that includes Baracuda Blue, Cash Rebate,
Gator Point Chocolates and the list go on and on. You can pay $375.00
for the same bloodlines puppy that many sell for $600 to $1300. But
your still going to get the same puppy with the same drive.
We have two current litters that will be ready to go
home for Christmas 2014

If they are for Christmas presents they must be picked
up on December 22, 2014
We have two litter of puppies. One litter from Annie. Annie is black. She has four black
males, one black female, and one chocolate.
The chocolate puppy is already spoken for.
We do not have any more chocolate puppies. Annies pups were born on Nov. 07, 2014.
They will be six weeks old on Dec. 19, 2014. Ace is the sire to this litter and is black.

Our other litter is from Taylor and she is yellow, Ace is also the sire to this litter. They were
born on Nov. 11, 2014 and will be six weeks old on Dec. 23, 2014
Taylor has three yellow males, three yellow females, two black males, and one black

Puppies are $495.00 each from either litter. We take a $95.00 deposit through paypal which
you will be charged $97.00, $2.00 for paypal's fee.
$95.00 will be applied to your $495.00 balance for puppy, and when you pick up your puppy
you pay the balance of $400.00 in cash. We only except cash at pick up, or prior to pick up
you can pay through paypal with your credit or debit card through paypal but will be  
$413.00 paypal's fee of $13.00 added on to your balance.
If you choose to pay your balance through paypal it will be $413.00 sent from paypal to our
email address at, if you pay the $413.00 through paypal with a E Check
you must do it a week before pick up so the E Check can clear. Paypal will notify us when
your E Check has cleared and other methods of payments are cleared.

What we have left still available for adoption are two black
males in Annie's litter and one black female.

In Taylor's litter we still have one black male, one black female,
and one yellow female.

Annie's puppies
Taylor's Puppies
These three pictures are of Ace the sire (father)
This is Annie and above with the puppy
pictures you can see good face pictures of
both Annie and Taylor the Dams (mothers)